Workshop Designer & Facilitator


Rob Gratton

Director - Liberated Learning

Rob is an experienced Educationalist with over a decade working in Education as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher. Robs specialist areas are Collaborative Learning and how we can harness the Power of Collaboration through exploring our Capacity, Ability and Practice of Collaboration.


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Let Us Explore Together

Work your way through the videos, slides and activities below. 

You have from Monday the 28th of September until Thursday the 1st of October to complete this Online Workshop.



What might Collaboration be?

Watch this 8 minute video produced by the WWF.

As you watch it consider the following three questions:

  1. What are the features of Collaboration?

  2. What is the potential Power of Collaboration?

  3. How would you define Collaboration?

Once the video ends please move down the page to record your thoughts relating to the 3 questions above. 


Engage - Activity 1

What do you already believe and know about Collaboration?

As part of this workshop we will regularly invite you to respond to questions designed to promote reflection & understanding. Your responses act as a record of your participation and of your developing understanding of Collaboration. Your responses will be stored safely and only shared with your course tutors. After each 'survey' you will receive an email copy of your responses for your records. 

Thank you in advance for completing this Engage activity. 

Once you have completed and submitted your responses please move on to the next component of this workshop found below.


Why Collaboration?

An undeniable aspect of life, be it experienced through the physical or digital, is that it is a social one. 

We may be used to going it alone at school, working in effect in isolation, competing against others, undertaking individual tasks for individual gain. We may recognise this as the norm, undertaking our studies at University and our professional lives once again alone as this is what we have come to believe. This mindset is not only damaging to us but also for those we share this life with. 

The reality is that life is a social one. We can not escape this. We learn together, work together and live together, our lives at all times shaping and shaped by others. 

We must recognise, and in some cases, rebuild our capacity and ability to practice collaboration within our lives as learners, within our professional practices and in our role as active citizens of this planet. 

As the video indirectly suggests we have developed as a species due to collaboration and for us to proceed into an unknown future we must harness again the power of collaboration for our own and others betterment. 

So your challenge is first to recognise your innate Capacity for collaboration. 


What is Collaboration?


Capacity - Ability - Practice - Product

For Collaboration to occur, and to be highly effective (the Product), a relationship between an individuals capacity to collaborate, their ability to collaborate and the practice of undertaking collaboration needs to be activated.

Our Capacity to Collaborate

In this 12 minute video (Part 1) we will explore our capacity as humans to collaborate. Part 2 follows directly underneath. 


Reflection - Our Capacity for Collaboration


Our Ability to Collaborate

In this 12 minute video we will explore our ability as individuals to collaborate. What are the skills we should apply in order to more effective practice collaboration?


Reflection - Our Ability to Collaborate


Our Practice of Collaboration - PART 1

In this 15 minute video we will explore how Collaborate groups can be constructed including,
1: Size
2: Nature
3: Duration
We will also look at the Activity of Collaboration and how we can begin to preempt some of the issues we will be faced with when undertaking the practice of collaboration.


The Power of Collaboration

Practice 3 - Assessing Your Understanding

You have almost completed this online workshop. The last Practice requires you to share your understanding, reflections and thoughts on the Power of Collaboration. 

The second part of this workshop will take place live on Friday the 1st of October. Ensure you scroll to the bottom of this page to find out more. 


Our Practice of Collaboration - Part 2

Live Zoom Session

Part 2 of this workshop, The Power of Collaboration, was hosted via Zoom on Friday the 2nd of October between 10 am and 12 pm GMT. 

A recording of the session can be found via the button below accessed through Passcode: Q*z5S?U=


Our Practice of Collaboration - Part 2

Slides used as part of the Live Zoom Session


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