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Successful Collaborations

We have been fortunate to work with a range of people, organisations and institutions over the last 5 years.Working across Europe we have been able to support a range of initiatives at varying scales. 

Below we outline a sample of some of our past and present collaborations. Please us the contact form at the bottom of this page if you wish to find out more. 

Client 1

Cymbrogi Futures

We are currently working with Cymbrogi Futures supporting their mission 'to help next generations of learners and leaders build sustainable futures for themselves and their families.' Working alongside the organisation we are co-designing the architecture of the blended learning programme. We are also speaking, as part of their Learning Festival, on the topic of Collaborative Learning. https://www.cymbrogi.org.uk/

Client 8

Collaborative Group Learning

We have worked extensively within the field of Collaborative Learning from research to implementation. Over the past decade with have worked to support teachers, students and schools to engineer and facilitate Collaborative Learning within their own contexts. This work has been undertaken here in the UK, Macedonia, Finland and Sweden.

Client 7

Moving from sets to mixed-attainment teaching

We are currently working with an English Department in the North of England, supporting the department to make the transition from attainment to mixed-attainment teaching.

Client 2


We are currently providing research and facilitator support for an EU Erasmus funded project encompassing educators from Sweden, Finland, France, Romania and England. The project is exploring the design, implementation and impact of teaching programmes which integrate Math and Programming courses of study.

Client 4

Global Citizenship Curriculum

We were contracted to support a relatively new Free School in South London to develop their whole school Curriculum, fusing together Vision, Values and both GCSE and IB MYP requirements. The work involved theoretical and practical design, establishing a Curriculum architecture and supporting the implementation of the Curriculum.

Client 3

Collaboration for Vasteras

We were contracted by the education department of the Municipality of Vasteras, Sweden, to design and deliver training to support teachers across the cities schools to implement Collaborative Learning.

Client 8

Infinity School

As a collective we developed a 'blue-print' for a 'future focused' school model. This model was used to support the application for a proposed Free School within a London Borough.

Client 5

Vision into Practice - A Whole School Curriculum Review

We worked with a North London Academy to design, implement and then present on the findings of a whole school Curriculum review. The review focused upon the relationship between Curriculum Intent and Implementation.

Client 6

Professional Enquiries

We have worked with 3 London schools to design and implement an approach to CPD which fosters a worthwhile engagement with research. The Professional Enquiries approach enabled teachers to engage in small, time bound and impactfull research projects.

Client 2

Liberated Learning Cooperative

We are currently working to realise the establishment of a self-directed and democratic 'micro-school' within West Sussex. Our approach would combine the most valuable parts of school—peers, courses, and mentors—with personalised attention and the freedom to choose what and how the individual wishes to learn.

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