How to make the city dead and long live the city coexist.

From the above video, we can understand that due to the vacancy of houses and the closing of shops, New York's Sixth Avenue is "dead" from a social point of view. Why does a prosperous city end up so quiet? This is because the shooting rate in New York has increased by 167% compared to last year. Thirty to fifty per cent of restaurants are now closed. Many large companies like Google and Amazon have encouraged employees to work remotely instead of working in the city centre. For New York, this is not a positive thing because the degree of people's evacuation will lead to a decline in New York's GDP, and retail stores cannot obtain the same economic benefits as before. Nevertheless, for other less prosperous cities, people who can work remotely will choose to live in those remote but safe places. The death of New York can save a city like Miami, which is not as prosperous as New York therefore, that a small city like Miami can attract talents withdrawn from New York. Because the cost of living in such a city is lower and the tax base is lower, people will feel more comfortable living and working in such a city and will be more satisfied. It is no doubt that it is an opportunity for a small city. However, many people live in the city like New York for generations, their families are all born in this city and live there for their entire life.

Furthermore, New York means the financial opportunity, the artistic opportunity and also the fantasies for people who desire a better life. They do not hope that New York will be vacant for a long time. How can we save the city in such a situation? People still hope to revive New York. We believe that an essential factor that can revive a city like New York is that the personal safety of citizens needs to be protected. For example, the frequent occurrence of shootings is because people can quickly obtain the right to use firearms, and the government should increase the control of weapons so that they cannot be easily obtained to prevent people from using it to commit crimes. Furthermore, the sanctions for these people who wrongly use the firearms should be more severe, which could also decrease the crime rate to a certain degree.Similarly, strengthening public security in the city is also very important. The government may need to deploy more police in areas with inadequate security. On the whole, the reduction in density in New York is not necessarily a negative thing for the current situation and may provide conditions for more stable development in the future.

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