The Power of Collaboration

Term 2 Workshop - Part 1 - January 2021

This online activity is an opportunity for you to put into practise the ideas explored through the term 1 workshop. 

These activities have been designed to help you undertake and reflect upon collaboration within the context of your field of study; urban development. 

You have until Tuesday the 12th of January to complete the activities below.

London Abstract

The City is Dead. Long Live the City.

Design Brief

Work collaboratively with a team of 5 people to, 

  • design a question inspired by the statement, The City is Dead. Long Live the City;

  • undertake research which will help you to answer, collaboratively, your teams question;

  • co-author a 500 word blog post which addresses your question; and

  • share the completed post through this site so that it can be published and shared with the wider community.

Following the completion of this collaborative task you will be required to complete an evaluation of your and the groups actions across the activities.

The results of this anonymous evaluation will be used to shape the follow up workshop to be held via Zoom on Thursday the 14th of January. 


Step 1 - Engage

What is Collaboration?

Remind yourself about the nature of collaborative activity.


Capacity - Ability - Practice - Product

For Collaboration to occur, and to be highly effective (the Product), a relationship between an individuals capacity to collaborate, their ability to collaborate and the practice of undertaking collaboration needs to be activated.

Step 2 - Engage

The Practice of Collaboration

Remind yourself of the nature and practice of collaborative activity.


Step 3 

Create your Team

By now you will have joined 4 others to form a group of 5.

Hopefully you remembered to apply the principles of collaborative group construction. 

Now create your Team

  1. Consider the difference between a group and a team.

  2. Begin to form a team identity.

  3. Determine how you will work together as a team to achieve the Design Brief. 

London Abstract

The City is Dead. Long Live the City.


Step 4

Watch this 4 minute interview. 

As you watch it consider the following:

  1. What does the interview suggest about the death of New York as a city?

  2. Why can it be argued that a city such as New York is dead?

  3. Do you feel New York, or any city, can die?

Once the video ends please move down the page.


Step 5

Work as a team to design and agree upon a question that will form the title of your 500 word blog post. 

The question must,

  • be related to the statement 'The City is Dead. Long Live the City.'

  • be open and encourage discussion, debate.

  • enable the team to undertake research which considers a variety of factors related to life in cities, now, in the past and into the future.

Step 6

Work as a team to map out how you will undertake the co-authoring of the blog post.


  • What needs to be done?

  • In what order?

  • Who will do what?

  • What are the deadlines?

Step 7

Undertake appropriate research.


  • What needs to be researched?

  • How will the research be shared?

  • How will research be turned into the blog post?

  • What support may be needed to help every team member be successful?

Step 8

Draft your blog post.


  • What needs to be done?

  • Who will do what?

  • How will you ensure the draft is co -authored rather than written by one individual?

Step 9

Write your blog post.


  • Is it to the highest grammatical standards expected of your profession?

  • Does it answer the teams question?

  • Does it address the overarching statement. 

  • Is it 500 words in length?

Step 10

Submit your teams completed blog post.

DEADLINE: 12pm GMT 12th January. 

Submit via email using this link.


Step 11 


Completed by Wednesday the 13th of January.

Following the submission of the blog post complete the evaluation form below. 

The form will take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

Information collected through the form will be used to shape part 2 of this workshop and the live Zoom session.


The Power of Collaboration

Term 2 Workshop - Part 2 - Thursday 14th of January 2021 - 9am GMT

Part 2 of this workshop will be held on the 14th of January through Zoom. 

The live workshop will address issues arising from the completion of this collaborative research and co-authoring activity. We will also use the workshop to support the planning of your upcoming collaborative task which form part of the Term 2 module (BPLN0073) Introducing Urban Design: Design Skills.

Use this link to access the Zoom workshop. 


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Workshop Designer & Facilitator


Rob Gratton

Director - Liberated Learning

Rob is an experienced Educationalist with over a decade working in Education as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher. Robs specialist areas are Collaborative Learning and how we can harness the Power of Collaboration through exploring our Capacity, Ability and Practice of Collaboration.