Our Belief

We at Liberated Learning believe that it is the duty of an education to,

enable all learners to know enough about themselves, others and the world to find out more;
enable all learners to build the cognitive and social means to master a lifetime of learning;
enable all learners to develop and practice a range of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which they can develop, hone and synthesise across subject and context specific boundaries throughout their lives; and
enable all learners to question, to be self motivated, self regulated and to be aware of how they, others and the world ‘works’.


No one can deny that the rate of change within our world is intensifying.
Our post industrial society, our culture of instant-knowledge, and a world in perpetual flux requires so much more from today’s learners, their teachers and from present systems of formal education.


This education must respond to these and future changes, orientating itself towards educating today’s adolescents with a capacity to engage with and positively shape the unfolding present and the uncertain future.


Preparing for an uncertain future is challenging, yet as educators we must  find innovative, manageable and sustainable ways to help our learners become equipped to meet these challenges with positivity.
Working collaboratively and creatively across the education sector we can leverage change which is  impactful, sustainable and meets the needs of learners now and into the future.


We need knowledgeable, skilled and caring self-directed Lifelong-Lifewide Learners. Active Global Citizens. Liberated Learners.

Our Thoughts