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Liberated Learners

Liberated Learning is a collective of like minded and knowledgeable researchers, educators and creatives. In addition to the Core Team below we have a network of individuals we work with whom we can call upon to support the implementation of projects. This enables flexibility and an enhanced ability to meet your bespoke needs. 


Rob Gratton

As a researcher, school leader and facilitator of innovative re-imaginings of what schooling can look like Rob has worked with numerous organisations internationally to support the engineering and facilitation of Collaborative Group Learning at the classroom, department and whole school level and to support schools in implementing Curriculum change.
Across 18 years working within education Rob has been fortunate to help establish two London schools and to have worked for Teach First and the Institute of Education, UCL. Rob co-founded Liberated Learning to support others to re-evaluate curriculum and practice to enable creative, collaborative concept and enquiry driven approaches to the systems and structures of schools-based learning.
Rob is currently working with a education start-up in Wales developing a Teacher programme in support of the new Curriculum for Wales.